Introducing Our Expert Barbers

Meet the team of professional barbers, each bringing years of expertise and passion to the chair. From traditional cuts to modern styles, they're dedicated to crafting the perfect look for every client. Get to know them now.

Introducing Kris J.

With a legacy spanning 100 years, Kris embodies the artistry of barbering passed down from his father and grandfather. Building lasting connections is his forte, and he takes pride in crafting personalized styles that reflect each client's unique personality. When he's not behind the chair, Kris cherishes moments with his wife and three daughters, infusing warmth and care into every interaction. Renowned for his mastery of straight razor designs, Kris is committed to enhancing his clients' confidence through exceptional service and expert haircare advice at his grooming salon.

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Introducing Reagan G.

Reagan, an expert barber who takes great pride in her craft. With over 3 years of professional experience and a total of 5 years in the industry. From classic cuts to trendy fashion styles. It's not just about the haircut, Reagan also creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere for her clients. When she's not at the shop, Reagan loves spending quality time outdoors with her loved ones. Whether it's playing with her beloved dog Griffin or strolling by a serene lake or river, she finds joy in appreciating the beauty of nature and creating cherished memories with her friends and family.


Introducing Trevor P.

Trevor is an Apprentice Barber with more than a year of experience, striving to become a Master Barber. He is dedicated to his craft and derives satisfaction from providing exceptional haircuts. With the support of his girlfriend and new babygirl, Trevor is driven by a deep passion for continuing to perfect his skills.

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